What’s it like to be a student at NSUM? On a daily basis, you are taught a rigorous curriculum. You will be in mathematics for one 100-minute block in order to meet the high academic standards. English language arts and reading are taught together in another 100-minute block. Science and social studies are taught on a rotation, so you will be in only one of those for another block, but you will go to the other the next day. There’s one block left, and its reserved for 50 minutes of physical education and 50 minutes of your elective, which could be orchestra, art, or Project Lead the Way.

Is it Monday? If so, you’ll stop by to see your adviser for 40 minutes. Your adviser is your advocate, someone you can visit if you have a problem. In advisory, you’ll get to see your current grades.  Maybe you’ll discuss social issues such as bullying or goal setting. It’s always a time when you can learn about yourself.

Once a month we have a Club Day. Every teacher advises a club that is centered around interests of students. Club activities include drama, crafting, golf, community service, chess, and many others.

After school, it may be time to go to an athletic team practice. Students can be part of many teams, including football,  cheerleading,  basketball, baseball, and softball.

You may also be interested in after-school clubs like 4-H and Junior Beta. On Wednesday mornings, you can join a group of students who work together to make the school a better place, the Student Council.