How do I know what my child is learning?

The first place a parent should go is the Student Agenda. The agenda is more than just a calendar. The agenda is a way for students to learn how to be responsible by writing down assignments, future quizzes, and tests. Students should be writing what they are learning in every class. The agenda is also the place to learn about your child’s behavior. Behavior forms are in every agenda, and unwanted behavior is documented there. Also, students who receive 0-1 infractions (everyone makes mistakes!) are rewarded for their good behavior at the end of every grading period. Click here for more about the NSUM 2017-2018 PBIS Plan.

How do I know what the school’s policies and procedures are?

You can find the student handbook in your child’s agenda. You will find information about dress codes, grading scales, and much more. You can also see the handbook here (NSUM) and here (NPSB).

How can I monitor my child’s academic progress?

Grades are entered online and you can view them through the Student Progress Center. You need to set up your username and password with your child’s social security number and you can link other children in your family who go to school in the parish. The handbook for the Student Progress Center can be found here.

Does your child need more help?

See the resources available under Academics or contact your child’s teacher via email, which can be found on the Faculty/Staff Page.

How can I become more involved in the school?

Parents are a part of the team that makes NSU Middle Lab a great place to learn. One group of parents actively help us by raising funds and using those funds to improve the school, the Parents Action Committee (PAC). To become more involved with PAC, call the school to find out the next meeting time or like them on Facebook.


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