NSU Middle Lab School is accredited by AdvancED.

To learn more about the AdvancED’s Standards for Quality, click here.

School Statistics

NSU Middle Lab School has earned an “A” grade on the Student Report Cards since 2011.  The school has earned “Top Gains” Status two of those years. School Report Cards are based on two factors, the student achievements of the current students (95%) and the academic success of those who have moved on to 9th grade (5%). See a copy of our latest School Report Card.

How to Apply

The first step to applying to NSU Middle Lab School is to visit us! Our faculty, administration, and students are happy to show you what we have to offer.

The next step is to fill out an application, as well as attach any necessary documentation of your current academic progress. We accept applications year round; however, the application deadline for the next academic year is May 20. While you are at school to drop off your application, be sure to schedule an applicant and parent interview with the school administration.

The first round of decisions for any academic school year is made in June. Many factors go into the decision-making process. The first available openings go to children of NSU faculty and staff members. Siblings of current NSU Middle Lab and NSU Elementary Lab students receive second priority. Then, available space for each grade level is filled with applicants. Any other applicants are placed on a waiting list.

If we have an opening for you, you must hold your spot by filling out the Enrollment Agreement and Paying the $100 Registration Fee.

If an opening was not available for you the first year you applied, don’t give up! You must re-apply every year or call the office to let us know that you are interested in updating your application to be considered for the following year.

Download a copy of the Student Enrollment Application.

Cost to Attend

As soon as you are accepted to NSUM, you must hold your spot by filling out the Enrollment Agreement and paying the $100 Annual Registration Fee.

The Registration Fee is assessed for the following: Supplies (35%), Art (5%), Purchase and Maintenance of Technology (30%), Library Books (15%) and Professional Development (15%).

Tuition is paid to Northwestern State University for the upkeep of facilities and stipends to teachers who meet the master teacher requirements and will be serving as cooperative teachers for NSU Methods Students and observers.

The cost of one student to attend NSU Middle Lab School is $2200 per year. Tuition for additional siblings in either NSU Laboratory School is discounted by $500, and costs $1700. Payments may be made throughout the year, but must be paid in full by May 31.

School Improvement Plan

NSUM strives for continuous improvement of our school. Every year, we assess the needs of our school, with valuable input from all stakeholders. If you want to see how we are improving this school year, see our School Improvement Plan 2017-2018.